Moving Beyond Perfectionism with Story Telling

My Dad loves to tell a story about me. It goes like this. When I was four or five, I showed him a colored picture and asked, “Is this perfect, Daddy?” He answered, “It’s good enough, baby.” Cue disappointment. Pretty sure that screwed me up for the rest of my life. Thanks, Dad. I’m kidding….

Subliminal Messages in Advertising: Spry Living

I was flipping through the newspaper this morning and out fell this little insert. It, like most magazines, is a treasure trove of subliminal societal messages, messages most of us don’t even question. Let’s examine a few: “Younger this year” isn’t physically possible, but you know what I mean, it says. You want to look younger & feel…

Choosing Inputs

Last month I upgraded Hulu to the commercial free plan. It’s a whole $6 more per month, double the price I was paying, but it’s worth every penny. I’m high “input” on the StrengthsFinder personality test, which means I loooooove gathering information. The only problem is that we’re firehosed with information these days. Ads. Facebook….

Time Perception: Noticing Something New Every Day

Remember when you were a kid and time seemed endless? Hours and hours stirring your witch’s cauldron filled with smashed Yew tree berries* or stepping on skunk cabbage** or throwing your sister’s Furby higher and higher into the air to see what sound it made***? Afternoons never seemed to end, mornings were filled with pancakes,…