Choosing Inputs

Last month I upgraded Hulu to the commercial free plan. It’s a whole $6 more per month, double the price I was paying, but it’s worth every penny.

I’m high “input” on the StrengthsFinder personality test, which means I loooooove gathering information. The only problem is that we’re firehosed with information these days. Ads. Facebook. Twitter. Etc.

In an effort to limit my inputs so I don’t spend all day, you know, binge-scrolling, I’ve cut out Facebook for a week. The only place where I can get my news is from the newspaper. Oldschool style.

It has significantly reduced my anxiety in the week before the midterm election, that’s for sure.

I might even keep it up, or only check once a week.

Sometimes I forget *I* control the information flow to my brain. Breaking from the normal inputs may help remind me of that!

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