Time Perception: Noticing Something New Every Day

Remember when you were a kid and time seemed endless? Hours and hours stirring your witch’s cauldron filled with smashed Yew tree berries* or stepping on skunk cabbage** or throwing your sister’s Furby higher and higher into the air to see what sound it made***? Afternoons never seemed to end, mornings were filled with pancakes, and evenings with mystery.

And then BOOM. Adult. And the days, months, fly by. Or the minutes crawl at sloth pace when you most want them to move like the cheetah.

I researched once on why this was the case and found that new experiences, especially once which induce awe, affect our perception of time. As kids, we’re always trying new things, going on new adventures. As adults, not so much. Life interferes. We’re awed by less.

So I’ve been testing this theory on and off for the past year, embarking on new experiences, and, when I can’t, just noticing something new in my everyday life.

And it’s definitely made me into a time bender witch.

Orrr maybe it’s just made my memory a whole lot richer.

But I like the first option better!

*Mostly poisonous, apparently. How am I not dead?

**Hot tip: it smells like skunk.

***It actually said “weeeee” until I threw it too high, failed to catch it, and it smashed into the pavement. At which point it settled into a low drone before crackling and turning off.


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