Courage, Sweetheart

Speaking takes courage.

Speaking truth takes even more.

Sharing ideas takes courage.

Seeing the world as it is, even if it makes you feel like you want to drown, takes courage.

Maintaining hope is a courageous act.

Moving and speaking against dominant culture is courage.

Finding a new path forward takes courage.

I’ve told myself for many years–not for me.

  • Making a consistent full-time income with my books? No way I’m good enough for that.
  • Speaking as an authority on topics I know and have studied and have lived for years? Nope.
  • Taking a leadership position? Not for me.
  • Becoming involved in local government? Not for me.
  • Becoming an activist for the things I believe in?

Not me.

Not me. Not me. Not me.

But lately there’s been a tiny voice saying… Why not me?

The path is growing clearer, and in this space, I’ll be playing with ideas, using it as a scratch board, as my sandbox.

For once, my topics will not be driven by niche considerations. This blog will not speak only of story, of fantasy, of magic, not only of the environment, of business, not only of mental and physical health, not only of society, not only of courage. I won’t limit myself because I am not a niche. I’m a human who loves to gather and share information on all interesting topics. My interests shift and evolve, and so will the writing on this site.

This is it. This is my emancipation from expectation, and perhaps from the highest expectations of all: my own.

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